The Trouble With Elections

A new book by ‘recovering politician’ and democracy theorist Terry Bouricius on why everything we thought we knew about democracy is wrong

After 20 years in elected office and another decade as an election reform policy analyst, Terry Bouricius argues that the inherent flaws of elections actually stand in the way of genuine democracy. He suggests that democratic lotteries, which have an ancient history and are gaining renewed interest globally, could instead be the key to achieving true government by the people.

The Trouble With Elections will be released in regular installments here on Substack beginning in May 2023. Each chapter of the book is broken up into several posts, archived in order of publication in the list below.

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CHAPTER 1: Introduction


Each chapter of The Trouble With Elections contains numerous references, which are hyperlinked in the text wherever possible. For a full list of works cited, click the button below: